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arms In the air, or grabbing your shoulder with his great red,
hairy hand, Mr. Bill was all right, it wasn't that. He just
wanted—why, he didn't know—to be by himself.

" That's fine," Mr. Christian had said.

Mr, Munn went to the window, parted the curtains, raised
the shade, letting the sun blaze directly in, and raised the sash.
The noise of the street was on them at the Instant, full and
immediate, and Mr. Christian, as though at a signal, took
three quick, heavy steps to the window to peer out over the
heads of the people. Dispassionately Mr. Munn looked out
too. There they were, as far as you could see from the
window, the slow streams of bodies milling and dividing on the
pavements and in the street, and the retarded movement of the
wagons and buggies and carriages between. On Mr, Chris-
tian's face grew a rapt and distant expression, that vanished
suddenly into an excitement as he straightened up and slapped
Mr, Munn on the back and exclaimed: " By God, boy, we
gonaa do it, we gonna do it! They're here for it, and they'll
do it We'll show those bastards now, by God I"

"I hope so," Mr, Munn rejoined.

"HopeP* Mr. Christian exclaimed, waving his arms.
* Hope, hell! It ain't hope; it's here and now, by God!"

He tinned again to the window, and again that rapt and
impersonal expression touched his features fleetingly so that,
for die instant before it faded, the face almost lost the resem-
tfcice to itself, like the face of someone sleeping or praying.
He puled himself, as though by an effort, from the sight,
wd asied m a matter-of-fact tone, "You eot any towels

6       y

Mr. Mima got a towel from the bureau, and remarked,
*Hie washroom is just down to your right"

^Jm wriy Mr. Christian ordered, and strode from the
•INft^ t$tniinlag the door behind him.

ife Mmm returned to the window.  The girl, he had ob-
^^^^^«a»^ding the whole time in the middle of the room,
die blue ribbons of her hat, her blue linen skirt,'
*^ waist creating a focus of brightness that made